Surveying the event, Nen's recently married chums Elsie (née Wyatt) and husband Reginald Towers, and fellow teacher, Audrey Barley. Ken reckons Audrey, shown here in her late twenties - her prime - was less than 5ft tall. . . She was one of two other pairs of spinster teacher-pals of Nen and Ruth's that eventually retired to Sidmouth. Her house there backed-on to The Byes. One day, when she was aged and had been getting doddery, her body was found floating in the stream. Maybe she had suffered a stroke or had lost her footing on the bank... It's salutary to consider the ignominious fates suffered by some decent, sociable, caring fellow humans. Poor Audrey - didn't she deserve better? . . from Nen's photograph album - but I'm not too sure how I got that - it must've come via Ken I 'spose.