1928. Probably taken in Bideford, Devon - the Hart-land - where (Winifred) Elsie and her mother, Winifred, holidayed every year with their loving family. Winifred and May were Louisa's daughters. . Wallace Frank Greenslade married May, his second 'Hart'-wife, in 1928 after his first wife, elder Hart sister Ethel, had died from pneumonia following influenza in 1924. But May herself slipped on a doorstep, felling on her back damaging her kidneys and losing the child she was bearing. Doctors advised her against becoming pregnant again. Nevertheless, she did conceive and bore William Stanley Greenslade in 1929. But her kidneys could not withstand yet another pregnancy. So when, in 1932 she became pregnant again, her kidneys failed. How horrific to lose two cherished wives - or two cherished daughters - in the space of eight years... awful times. . . As implored by May before she died, Winifred adopted her infant nephew bringing him up as her own son - and as a sibling for Elsie and Rita. Stanley shared Rita's pram - they were only born a few months apart and brought-up as 'twins'. Rita's birth date was altered to fit Stanley's. Stanley being so young thought Winifred was his real Mum. Frank G. gave Winifred 10/- a week to cover Stanley's upkeep. Stanley loved his step-mother dearly - as did her daughters - no other woman would ever live-up to her. . . Winifred lived until 1995 - the ripe old age of 98. Stanley died a bachelor a few years later... allegedly of a broken heart.